An anonymous met !

In today’s evening when i came back from my college. I saw a boy who was little bit lunatic playing with his dog ( Richard ) . He was trying to teach him how to catch a ball ? But the dog was so stubborn he didn’t moved a single step ahead .He did this thrice but he failed ,Richard was so busy in doing his own stuff ,he didn’t gave a single look towards his master. That boy was so angry on him and started shouting there many people who were walking there came to him and ask what happened son ? He replied in a bad tone stay away from me ! This dog is anidiot , I tried thrice to taught him how to catch a ball but he is unable to learn it . Do you have any solution for it ? An old lady came out from her arena and told him that this dog is not an “human” who can learn through his brain ,he is an ” animal ” who learn things from his heart & feelings .This statement was not so cool , for me to stay there but the next statement given by that old lady was a reason for me to write this post .

That old lady said that ” Be the boss don’t be bossy “. Richard didn’t accept your orders because you didn’t treat him well, you were odase while you were teaching him and Richard is not a human being who will follow your orders He is a “Dog ” who follow his own intuition either it’s good or bad for him he will do those things which he like not things which you like . In an instance , you are the master but the fact is that Richard is the ” Master of his own choice ” this statement subverted my entire thought process about the way how to live you own life and how to learn things easily which make an bewildering change in your way of living . This anonymous personality ( An old lady ) worked like a U-turn for me and made me more galvanised towards the concept of WLB……..!!!!!